I have had a love-affair with photography since I was little.  I used to pick up Life Magazine in the grocery stores and imagine capturing those same types of emotional images during my every day.

Since I've had two incredible children, I do my best to pick up my camera and document our lives together!  Everything from those thrown together, mac-and-cheese-style, loud, messy family dinners to posed first-day-of-school photos.  I love capturing it all!  

And I love capturing those equally incredible, everyday moments for our clients as well  


I love taking photos. I am constantly working to more accurately capture the beauty that I see all day, every day. My goal is to be able to capture on the screen and in print what everything the is gorgeous that I see through my view finder.  

I truly delved into portrait photography with the birth of my first daughter. I just wanted to capture all of the beautiful and awesome moments in her life, and then with her and her sister. 

I find joy in catching the affection and love people have for each other, the joy and curiosity of children, and the beauty in each individual.