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I love photos at Hoyt Arboretum. You just can't go wrong. But. This Saturday was throwing me for a loop. I had been holding of on rescheduling our shoot due to weather - because its Portland and you just never know. I was watching the weather app like crazy - and the percentage of rain was low (ish...) And then, about an hour before our shoot I looked out the window and it was POURING. Not just sprinkling but drenched to the bone raining. So, begrudgingly, I texted Stacey to propose rescheduling our shoot. 

Unfortunately, our schedules were pretty out of sync, and its never easy to find a good time with 6 month old twins, so we decided to go ahead with the shoot and just take pictures under the picnic structure if it was really bad. 

By the time I got to the top of the hill, not only was it not raining, it was almost too sunny. I could not believe it. I had gone from worrying about a messy grumpy shoot to trying to figure out where we could take pictures that would not be completely blown out with a bunch of squinting people. It was crazy. I'm telling you, this Portland weather can be all over the board.

I am so glad we went ahead with the shoot. Both kids were in such a good mood. I cannot imagine how hectic it would be to have twins, but these two have it completely under control and their kids are loving life. Both spent so much time smiling and laughing and just enjoying their time as a family. It was IDEAL. And, they are SUCH CUTE KIDS.

Thank you for choosing us to be your family photographer. I cannot wait to see your twins grow up and hope to continue to get the opportunity to capture your family portraits!