Welcome Baby Caiden! | Portland Newborn Photographer

Oh how I just love doing maternity and newborn photos and following a couple from pregnancy through birth!  Julie and Brenton are fairly new to the Portland area (as in moved here as adults) after Brenton got an incredible job with an up-and-coming travel tech company (seriously, I had a legit case of jealousy as he was telling me about his job and workplace).  They're super sweet, and fun, and love to do all of the Portland area outdoorsy things.  And omg they're going to be parents soon!  

Per usual Portland weather nonsense, we ended up cancelling our initial maternity session, but our schedules aligned and we were able to do a week day evening session.  (See their beautiful session here.) And afterwards, I kept in touch, and checked in a bit before Julie's due date to see how she was doing.  But she ended up delivering baby Caiden a few days before her due date!  She actually went in to labor on Mother's Day, which I thought was just so perfect for a first Mother's Day!  

We scheduled a lifestyle newborn session at their townhouse in Portland, and their bedroom had such beautiful light coming through a giant window right behind their master bed.  I was so excited for this light when I walked in!  Baby Caiden was so super chill through essentially the entire session.  He slept for awhile, he got changed, he had a few blanket changes, and he was super cool the whole time.  And their house is basically across the street from Forest Park, so even though they may not have their own private back yard, they have all of Forest Park as their back yard!  

I'm so excited for these two to explore and enjoy parenthood!  They wear it so naturally already.  Here are just a few of my favorites from the session -