New House, New Baby | Portland Newborn Photographer

Pregnancy really takes a toll on your brain function and memory.  Seriously though, you lose your phone, your keys, you lose track of time, and you walk around with a perpetual sense that you are forgetting something.  So when mamas get in touch with us late in their pregnancy, a little frantic about scheduling newborn photos, we try to put them at ease a bit because there's no huge rush to schedule photos when babies are brand spanking new.

Jennifer got it touch with us at 38+ weeks pregnant and was actually scheduled for an induction just days after her initial email.  So she went radio silent for a few days, but after I checked in again I heard back that she'd had the baby!  She had found us from the Portland Mom's Blog while we were running our promo last month.  And it turns out they had just bought a house as well has had a new baby!  So even though they weren't all moved in with a fancy nursery, I was able to document their new days with a new baby in a new house.  

Jen and Ryan also have a toddler and big sister, who I hit it off with right away by talking about bunnies!  Toddlers at I are usually quick BFFs, and Maize was super excited to show off her new house and her new room.  Maize is SUCH an involved and interested big sister, too!  Giving baby Adeline kisses, trying to feed her a bottle, peeking over the corner when Adeline gets cuddles from her parents.  These two are going to be in fantastic cahoots as they grow older!