Vignesh and Shruti in the sun | Portland Maternity Photographer

I love doing shoots at Hoyt Arboretum, and I love doing maternity shoots, and I love golden hour. Vignesh and Shruti were so flexible and I could not be more thankful. We were originally going to meet at the Rose Garden, but it turns out trying to park at the Rose Garden on Mothers Day weekend is a BAD IDEA. Thankfully, I had shown up early enough to realize after 15 minutes of driving around that I was not going to be finding a parking spot. And thankfully, Vignesh and Shruti were willing to head to the top of the hill and do the shoot there instead. I have to be honest, I was also selfishly thankful because I was not looking forward to editing people out of all of their photos! 

These two are so cute together. They have been together forever, but a good portion of their relationships has been long distance. Now that they are in the same city they are starting a family, and let me tell you - they are going to be amazing parents! 

They were both so willing to walk around the park with me, try different poses, experiment. And they were so much fun together. I just love getting pictures of couples that are so sweet with each other - it means literally no work for me. I just sat back and took photos of the two of them as they interacted - IDEAL!

Vignesh and Shruti are due in the middle of June, and I am so excited for them. Thank you so much for choosing just to take your photos! It was a blast.

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