Tsen Family Generational Session | Portland Family Photographer

I did a generational family photo shoot this fall for repeat clients, and while I LOVE getting to see beloved clients again and their kids and catch up, well... I'm going to just come out and say it:  getting five kids from two different families to all smile and look at the camera AND get two sets of parents and a set of grandparents to also concurrently smile and look at the camera is basically... Mission: Impossible!  

One kid, without fail, is always pouting, or looking up at an airplane or a bird or at another kid.  Or one parents is trying to get the one kid pouting to look at the camera, so the parent is looking at the kid, or is pointing to the camera.  All to say, posed family portraits are just so darned difficult!  

But every now and then, you pull it off and get a photo where everyone is looking and smiling, and you're like YESSSS!!!  and give yourself a high-five! 

All to say, we had a great time exploring down town Portland and trying different groups and different mixes of parents and kids and grandparents and cousins, and tried to keep it casual and fun.  We even found a super cool old window from a leftover brick building to climb in to!  And the Christmas Tree was still up in Jameson Square, so obviously, we needed to run around that a few times as well!  

The Tsen family is always fun, always silly, always up for a laugh and an adventure.  And they just love the heck out of eachother!