7 Tips for Styling Your Spring Family Photos | Portland Family Photographer

Wondering what to wear for those Spring family photos?  Let us help you out with these tips and tricks!  

1.  Break out those colors!  

You've been couped up for months, in the rain, in the snow, in the sleet and the hail.  You've probably been living in leggings and sweats for the past four months.  It's time to break out those bold colors that are screaming in your closet for release!  And if your wardrobe needs a bit of an update, now is the time to brighten things up.

The Pantone color palate for Spring of 2018 is out and it is BRIGHT!  I'm super drawn to the teal hues of Arcadia and the pinks of Blooming Dahlia.  And the Lime Punch would be SUCH a fun accent color in a scarf or necklace!   



2.  Coordinating (not matching) is key.  

Choose 2 or 3 colors you love, and weave them in to the different outfits for your family.  Gone are the days putting the whole family in jeans and a white t-shirt.  Weave those bright pops of spring color with classic neutrals for the different outfits for your family members.  Mix up dark wash jeans on dad with a pattern skirt for mom.  Mix the color in with a scarf, necklace, a print or plaid shirt, or a kids vest.  

what to wear for family photos

3.  Textures

We love the look of textured fabrics in photos!  Adding a knit sweater, a flow-y scarf, or even a chunky necklace adds such a nice dimension to photos.  You can get away with a completely neutral color palate if you integrate different textures!

spring style guide texture

4.  Limit the prints.  

Prints are awesome.  I am a sucker for a fun print scarf or an adorable print dress for my daughter.  But having every person in the photo in a different print (or worse, the same print) is essentially an assault on the eyes!  If you have a print item you LOVE, choose one person to wear it, and weave in the colors of that print into the outfits of the other people.   


5. Layer & Accessorize 

Layering is a great way to throw some versatility into your photos!  I love starting with a chunky knit cardigan or scarf and then taking it off after a few poses to mix up the types of colors and textures displaying prominently in the photos.  Kids could start with a puffy vest, scarf, or headband.  

Bring in those bright pops of color with a variety of accessories.  Think jewelry, scarfs, vests, belts, or even boots!  


6.  Pick a color scheme to go with your decor

Family photos are meant to be displayed!  Maybe you just have a single gallery wall in a hallway.  Or maybe you have photos framed all over your house!  Whatever the case, you'll want your photos to coordinate with the rest of your decor.  Take a look around your home and identify those colors that you are drawn to - either on your walls or on your decorative pieces - and utilize those in your family's outfits.  


7.  Wear what you love 

When you're putting your outfits together, don't pick something for yourself that you hate just because you think it goes well with everyone else's outfits.  Wear something you love and you feel great in!  If that means centering the rest of the family around you, then so be it!  

Let the kids wear what they love as well.  They will be SO much easier to get dressed if you let them have a say in their outfit options!  Offer 2 or 3 options and empower them to make a choice for themselves.  And if they have a certain item they are particularly attached to - a coat?  a shirt? - let them wear it for a photo or two!  (Again... think layers!) You will probably treasure those pictures the most because they will reflect your child's personality.  

what to wear for family photos
what to wear for family photos