They're Having a Baby! | Portland Newborn Photographer

Janet reached out months ago to get request maternity and newborn photos, and she had some specific ideas about what she wanted.  She sent me a list of shots she was hoping for and we went about during the shoot making this happen. They were such a fun loving, easy-going couple to work with. In addition to the silly photos, we also got some gorgeous classic pics of the two of them.  That early shot is her feeding him cake. And yes that is them putting a diaper on their dog! Honestly I can’t even believe they have a dog that would allow them to do that.  That’s definitely never happening with my dogs! I can’t even clip their nails. 

I loved getting to know them and getting a chance to see their house, and use their own front yard as the backdrop for their maternity photos. It’s amazing what you can do in small spaces. Their yard was only a couple hundred square feet, but we were able to take advantage of all the variety inside the yard to get a lot of different poses and photos. I also love the added touch of the blanket that she brought out. It really added something to the photos. 

 Also, I know we often do plugs for golden hour photo shoots. But seriously, it truly is the best way to get gorgeous photos. Look at the colors in these photos!  Never forget that your own yard at golden hour is a great photo location. It truly does work out to be a magical scene.