Terpstra Family Session - Two Parents, Two Kids, and a Fur Baby | Portland Family Photographer

Shooting family sessions in the fall is definitely included in my list of favorite things.  And we had a BEAUTIFUL sunny day on the first of October.  I know many people consider September 21st to be the first day of Fall (and I suppose that, technically speaking, it is) but I feel fall has begun on that first day of October.  The weather is crisp, even if it's sunny.  My boots and poofy down vests emerge from the depths of my closet.  And the leaves have started to turn their bright colors.  

You can't always count on the early fall weather cooperating here in Portland, OR but we lucked out with this gorgeous day!  Helen contacted us a few weeks ago after hearing about us from her friend at their kids' soccer game. (And who also had her fall Maternity photos done with us!)  They have been in the area for several years (transports from the Bay area) and hadn't had photos done since their kids were teensy!  The whole family trekked across town to join us at Laurelhurst Park (which has a lake.. did you know that?!) for the afternoon, and even brought their lovable Great Dane "Blue".  

I love meeting and working with families that I click well with.  The Terpstras have such a great sense of humor, and they all really cherish each other.  Here are some of my favorites from the session.  The blanket photos are some of my favorites that I've ever taken.  I think partly because I feel like I captured what lazy weekend afternoons are like after a picnic in the park.  Hang around together, laying staring up and the sky, and picking out the shapes in the clouds.  Or getting some extra cuddles from the hubby while your kids run off and play in the field, or climb the nearby tree stumps.  I wish them many more afternoons in the park, enjoying each others company, and I hope to join them again soon!

Family photos with dog

You may look at this photo and think we must be the MOST interesting photographers on the face of the planet, from the way that dog is looking at the camera.  But we're really not all that interesting. The secret to a good dog photo is treats.  Lots and lots of tasty treats!  Sitting riiiiiiiight on top of the camera lens!  

brother and sister photo

These kiddos are three years apart in age (same as my kids!) and they have such a fun relationship!  I basically told them to go play and this is what we got out of them.  Can you believe it!  

brother and sister photo
brother and sister sibling photo
son photo
father and daughter pose
cute kid black and white
mother and children on a blanket
family photo on a picnic blanket
couple on a blanket
couple laughing