Scout + Winnie | Gresham Family Photographer

Didn’t do newborn photos for your first baby, and feeling guilty about doing them for your second child? Just turn it in to an in-home lifestyle family photo session! Baby Winnie came in to the world a few weeks ago and Mary had contacted me prior about doing newborn photos for her. But she wanted to make sure that Scout could be in the frame as well, and that the session wasn’t so much focused on newborn, but them as a family.

Done and done!

Scout is completely obsessed with her little baby sister, and was more than happy to play with her, tickle her, and just love on her. Then when she got bored, she read some books and went outside to hang out with daddy and mommy! I was able to get such a great collection of in-home lifestyle shots of them as a family, and a few outside as well, on their back deck, being silly together. I love it when we get to do in-home sessions, and it provides such a great mix of options and meaning for everyone.