Scott Family's Beautiful Winter Photos | Portland Family Photographer

Winter is not the first season that comes to mind for family photos.  We get a LOT of sessions booked in late summer and fall when the leaves start to turn, but winter is definitely our slow season.  However, we still get these random and completely GORGEOUS sunny days during the winter months that can make for an absolutely stunning family photo session!

My co-worker Deanna asked me to do a family photo session for her while her kids and grandkids were in town over the winter holidays.  We scheduled it for the weekend after Christmas and I think she was a little nervous that the weather wouldn't work to our advantage because she kept sending me ideas of large indoor spaces.  I told her not to worry, it almost ALWAYS works out, and we would be under a bridge in case it rained, so it would be ok!  

Turns out we picked basically the MOST beautiful day in December to do these photos because the sun was out in FULL FORCE!  Honestly, I wasn't counting on a sunny day, so I didn't push them on the time frame of 11am.  I'm not a full-sun fanatic, but I know my way around, and we definitely made this work for us!  I kept them mostly under the bridge shade and out of the harsh shadows, except when I wanted them (see adorable kissing pictures!) and then moved them down the hill to open shade with soft shadows and super fun texture behind.  I took a few portraits for all the adults and adult children, and then we let the littles goof around for a few minutes and I captured the BEST faces!  (I seriously laughed my butt of while culling this session!)

Looking forward to doing Deanna's youngest daughters senior portraits soon!  Happy Winter, everyone!