Rentschler Maternity Session in the Rain | Tigard Maternity Photographer

You know you're hanging out with cool people when they're willing to trust you and brave the rain to sneak in a quick maternity session!  Do you ever meet someone new and immediately develop a crush and suddenly find yourself coming up with ways to hang out with this new person?  I mean, like, a friendship crush on fellow adults and super cool people.  Friend-crush is a thing, right?  Anyway... Lindsay and Mark are quickly becoming some of my favorite people!  They were introduced to us a few years ago through some mutual friends Lindsay went to high school with down in California.  And we've been hanging out more often over the years, since our daughters are all around the same age, and they're just plain super cool people.  Plus they have great taste in music and I'm a sucker for musicians.  

My husband and I have been doing traditional gifts for our anniversary.  The 6-year wedding anniversary gift is Iron, so I decided to get a bit creative this year.  Mark has a recording studio of sorts in his house, so I asked if he'd be willing to help me record an Iron and Wine song as a gift!  In exchange, I offered to do a short family photo session for them. 

Lindsay is now pregnant with her second baby, so they called in the favor and asked for some maternity slash family photos for their holiday card this year!  It rained nearly the entire weekend we'd planned the session, and both of our schedules were booked up otherwise, so we had to sneak it in!  They were super cool about braving the rain on an otherwise gloomy afternoon (perhaps it's because I also paired it with a promise of hot coca afterwards!) and we were able to run in and out of a picnic shelter to snag these.  Plus they are blessed with gorgeous curly hair, and curly hair loves the rain.  So a little upside-down zhooshing is all it took to look good as new again.