Rebecca & Matt's Romantic Rose Garden Session | Peninsula Park | Portland Maternity Photographer

I always love to hear people's love stories when I do their pregnancy photos, or their newborn or family photos.  And every family's story is adorable and inspiring, and brings out that audible "awwwwww!" from me.  But there are a few particular love stories out there that just turn me in to a sentimental bucket of mush.  I am particularly drawn to stories about people who find each other again after a long time apart, or after a time of growth, or perhaps weren't even together when they knew each other when they were young, but got together later in life.  I love love that gets lost and then found again.  

Rebecca and Matt had met and actually dated in high school.  When I asked for their story, they kind of looked at each other and laughed, and both kind of simultaneously asked the other "do you want to tell it, or should I?"  Apparently, after dating for awhile in their teen years, they were such kindred spirits that Rebecca got a bit nervous and broke up with Matt saying something along the lines of "you have too much marriage material and not enough high school boyfriend material."  It seems that even then, she knew she would end up marrying him.  They went to college together (they claim they didn't purposely follow each other, it was purely happenstance) and OF COURSE started dating again.  And have been together ever since!  And they're completely nuts for each other.  They probably always were and just needed that time to explore, and be young, and perhaps time to be certain.  And now they having their first baby!  

I met Rebecca and Matt at Peninsula Park in their neighborhood, and we had to kind of put a rush on the maternity session because Rebecca was going to be induced soon.  They had their little one a few weeks early, and I got to do newborn photos for them this summer (check those out here!)  In the meanwhile, I'm so grateful to have met them, and inspired by their love, and their story.  And for the time to explore a new Portland park!