Peters Family Photos | Salmon Creek Park | Portland Area Family Photographer

Despite being from Portland proper, these three willingly agreed to drive out to Vancouver to do a photo shoot at Salmon Creek Park. Here's the thing Portland friends, Vancouver has TONS of gorgeous areas for portraits that I have been really wanting to go to. I am super thankful that they were willing to come try out the location, because I am going to be honest, this was one of the most stunning shoots I have done.

The colors at Salmon Creek are amazing - wheat fields, old logs, streams everywhere. It really is a dream, and it makes for such amazing photos. Add to that a fun family willing to adventure into new places and let me explore with their toddler, and I had myself an ideal shoot.

We had so much fun exploring all the different areas. I especially enjoyed watching Linnaea check out and smell the wildflowers in the field. She is such an adorable little girl, and LOVED having her picture taken. She kept demanding that I take more pictures and show her - which was awesome because I got the best smiles from her. It's really easy to take pictures of a kid who wants their picture taken (surprise surprise.)

Also, Sue and Scott know all about birds, which was fun. As we were walking around the park they were identifying birds by their call or by what they looked like. I really enjoyed finding out a little bit more about the wildlife in the park. Birding is a skill I do not have but am curious about learning at some point. But probably for now wandering around with a birder is as close as I'm gonna get.

Thank you Scott and Sue for adventuring with me at Salmon Creek. I truly enjoyed meeting your little family.