Penny Turns Two! | Portland Family Photographer

I adore Penny and her family-we met at wo.r.k and we immediately clicked. Plus Penny is only slightly younger than my kids, so of course I adore her. And those curls! I'm truly jelous of her hair.

But anyways. Pennys family hired me to take pictures for her second birthday. I went out to their home for the photos-they live on a stunning property with a really fun yard. I had fun with them exploring the yard and adventuring. The day was beautiful- which isnt always the case in Port and in April. But we had a beautiful sunny day (it was almost too bright!)

Penny is a shy child-or at least she was shy with me. So we walked around her yard to help her feel comfortable with me and the camera. But we got her to smile and even take some photos on her own (it just took showing off her flowers and tree.)

I also took some headshots while I was there. Headshots are so essential in today internet focused environment. If you have not yet had headshots done, Do! A good headshot could get you a new job. It sets up the right impression for anyone looting you up online. Im so glad we were able to do headshots as a part of this shoot-obviously I think they are important.