Morgan and Abby's Cherry Blossom Engagement Session | Portland Engagement Photographer


First, let me just say that these two ladies are amazing. They got a hold of us last fall to see if we were available to shoot their wedding. They already knew they loved our photos because they are both teachers at the daycare centers we do daycare school photos at. And they were soooo complementary of the photos we take of all the kids (check out or blog post of last fall's daycare photos here.) They wanted that same authentic, candid look for their wedding. 

A few weeks ago (because the wedding is now just weeks away!) we met at their local watering hole to talk about the ceremony, reception, what photos they are looking for, etc. Well, the conversation evolved, wandered, came back around, wandered again. We talked about our favorite books, our favorite crafts, they gave us tips for our kids... oh!  And we talked about the wedding. They also told us the story of how they met and how they got engaged, but I am going to save that for the wedding post. Throughout the conversation we laughed. A lot. Probably one of my favorite things about these ladies is how much they laugh. All of a sudden I looked at my watch and it was three hours later. 

I am so excited to see these two get married. I am so confident that the pictures of the day are going to be stunning and I cannot wait. And I am so honored to get to be a part of this event with them. And yes, we did warn them that both of us will be crying at points during the wedding.

So anyways, back to their engagement photos. We met at Westmooreland park just outside of Portland. There is a small bridge there with this gorgeous, clearly very old, cherry blossom tree. It was so idyllic. Check out the photos below and leave some love for these two in the comments!