Mini-Shoots with all the Autumn Colors | Portland Mini-Session Photographer

Autumn was out in all of its glory for our fall mini-shoots at Hoyt Arboretum this year. We were super nervous about the weather - it had been cold and rainy all week. I was watching the weather app obsessively, but about mid-way through the week we decided we were just going to go for it. And the weather absolutely cooperated. Its as gorgeous outside. The sun was out, but not too bright. It was perfect photographing weather. 

We had ten shoots that day. But that is one advantage of having two photographers. It may have seemed like a lot, but we did a good job tag teaming them, and it was a blast. 

We had so many return customers for the shoots. Families we had not seen in a year or two - or some just six months ago. Many had come to previous mini-shoots.  And families of daycare kids - which as great because even though we have been photographing the kids for years, we have never met the parents. We also had some first time clients. In case you didn't know, we are on Yelp. The afternoon just flew by.

Our plan is to do mini-shoots twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. We started a mailing list earlier this year, and we will let our mailing list know mini-shoot dates prior to announcing on Facebook, so watch your email in February announcing March or April shoots. Not on our mailing list yet? Don't worry, you can sign up here

Thanks everyone for coming out! We loved getting to capture your portraits and getting a chance to get to know you a little better!