Matthew's Senior Photos Reveal a Robert Pattinson Look Alike | Portland Senior Portrait Photographer

Holy moly is this kid gorgeous or what??  Granted, we are fairly new to doing Senior photos, but seriously, I feel like we've lucked out and have basically been working with models this fall!  PLUS - seriously, this guy could win a contest as a Robert Pattinson look alike!  And I don't know what people are talking about - high school kids these days being a bunch of helpless snots.  Because all of the Seniors I've met this year are sooooo nice!  They are kind, and compassionate, and generous.  I've really enjoyed working with them so far!  

Matthew is absolutely no exception.  He's a great guy - a senior in Gresham, Oregon and enjoys basketball and music, and loves his family.  We met him and his mom at Laurelhurst Park on an eerily gorgeous November afternoon and had a blast exploring the park, playing with light and poses.  Matthew was such a great model and totally up for trying new things.  He tried out a few different looks, a few different smiles, and a few different outfits.  

Cheers, Matthew!  Congratulations on making it through to your Senior year!  Here's to a great last year.