Krista & Henry's Sunset Maternity Session | Vancouver Maternity Photographer


The moment Krista messaged us about setting up a pregnancy photo session, I KNEW we were going to be instant friends.  Our initial conversation went something like this:

Krista: Hi!  I'm 36 weeks this week and totally late to the game but I am interested in newborn and maternity photography
Me: Hi Krista!  Not at all!  I totally understand how those weeks slip away from you when you're pregnant.
Krista: FACT! 

I think it was the capitals and the frequent use of exclamation points that got me.  Krista has such a great sense of humor and is warm, self-deprecating in the best way.  Both of us connected instantly with her and her husband Henry when we got together for their session.  They met and fell in love abroad while Krista was teaching and Henry was in the army.  They lived in the LA area for awhile and then migrated up to Portland to settle down.  They are super excited to be parents, but have a healthy dose of humility about it as well.  

And we were able to do their maternity session on HANDS-DOWN the MOST BEAUTIFUL day in February.  Currently in late March, it's overcast and cloudy and gloomy and I JUST want the sun to come back, and these images from our gorgeous sunset session are fueling me through the dark days!  

Baby Jude is due very soon, but we already have plans with Krista to meet for coffee this week.  I'm selfishly hoping he isn't quite ready to be born just yet because I am looking forward to our coffee and gab date, but I'll be seeing them soon for Jude's newborn photos (and I can't wait for that, either!)