Kristen & Tom's Columbia River Gorge Pregnancy Session | Portland Maternity Photographer

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I'm looking at this amazing maternity session again from Rowena Crest out in the Gorge, and I'm head over heels for Kristen and Tom all over again!  Kristen is the most adorable pregnant woman, and she's going to be such an incredible mama!  This session was just stunning - the location was amazing, the weather turned from super ugly earlier in the day to these incredible moody skies, pregnancy looks so good on both of them, and their love story is so beautiful.  

Kristen & Tom live outside of Hood River, so when she asked if we did sessions out there, I figured we'd make a family adventure day out of it and said yes!  Well our beautiful summer Saturday at Hood River turned in to a "drive around and try to escape the rain" day.  We got out there around noon while it was still sunny and beautiful and went straight to a U-pick place called The Gorge White House.  The kids had a great time hunting down and picking strawberries (though I am pretty sure they either squished or ate more than what we ended up putting in the bucket!)  Then we went down to the river front to have lunch with a friend.  And during lunch the weather turned from sunny and beautiful to a full on sideways rain storm.  We thought we'd spend the day on our beach chairs lounging on the river and watching the kiteboarders.  Nope!  We actually spent the day driving the fruit-loop, trying to get out of the rain, and ended up at the McDonald's indoor play place!  

But the rain let up just in time for Kristen & Tom's maternity session out at Rowena Crest, so the kids watched a movie on the tablet with my husband in the car, and I went for a short hike with these two beautiful people, and joked and laughed and basically made two new friends.  We even saw a mama deer with two little baby fawns following her around.  Tom was so sweet and concerned for them, he was worried they'd fall off the cliffside!  We actually saw the mama and fawns on our way home, so I texted Tom to let them know they were still ok. heehee

These two are going to be incredible parents, and I'm excited to meet the new baby later this year!