Klaser Girls Mini-Session | Portland Mini-Session Photographer

This was our third year getting to take pictures for these lovely ladies. They are a dream to take pictures of. Their relationships with each other is so sweet and heartwarming to watch. Its like a motherhood dream. As a mother myself, I look forward to these shoots every year to get a glimpse of the Janelle's amazing parenting. 

I keep talking about this in my blogs, but I just love getting photos with connection in them. And what is so fun about these pictures is you can tangibly see the love between these two. 

Our first year we did our shoot in forest park, specifically because Janelle wanted light posts in her pictures (they are very Narnia after all.) Lucky for us, Laurelhurst park also has some awesome lightposts, so we made sure to get pictures in front of them again. 

I hope you all enjoy another lovely year of photos of the Klaser women! Because I sure enjoyed taking them!