Hello Bright Eyes! | Portland Newborn Photographer

I've said it once, and I'll say it again!  It's NEVER too late to have new baby photos done!  (OK, if they're a year old, they're not a newborn, but they're still cute as heck!)  Baby Ramona is 12 weeks old in these, and she's just darling.  I was so excited to get to do her newborn photos as I had done Rebecca and Matt's pregnancy photos back in May (check them out here!) and they're SUCH a sweet couple.  Sometimes my business partner and I switch off between who does the maternity session, and who does the newborn session, but for the most part one of us sticks with the family all the way through.  These two are just some of the most caring, loving, kind people I've ever met so I was glad to get to follow up with Rebecca on her pregnancy and birth, and see Adam just beam with joy about being a father.  They both love each other and Ramona so much, I swear I could SEE it floating all around them and in their home.  

In home lifestyle sessions are my absolute fav to shoot.  Especially with couples who don't have an agenda or preconceived notions about what specific photos or poses they want.  It's so fun to just go with the flow and move and work with the baby.  Babies basically dictate our lives and routines for the first few months anyway, it makes sense that they dictate photo shoots as well!  During in home sessions, you really get a sense of who people are, how they live, how they love.  And the pets always get to join in at some point, too!  I got to meet Maggie, the pit bull mix rescue.  She had been severely malnourished and neglected as a puppy, so her joints didn't form correctly and she has some ortho issues now.  But she is just the sweetest, most gentle dog I've ever met, and she is so, so loved.  

Baby Ramona is such an incredibly blessed little one, and with a life full of love and adventure ahead of her!  Congratulations, Rebecca and Matt!