Gavins First Photo Shoot | Portland Newborn Photographer

Newborn shoots. I love them. I get to step into someone else life, play with their gorgeous baby, encourage new mamas (because lets be real folks, being a new mama is HARD), talk about all the hard things about new babies, and then I get to leave.

Gavin was my first ever newborn to sleep through the entire shoot. He did not wake up once. He did try to wake up briefly, but then he passed right back out. I was especially impressed because its not like I let him hang out in one spot. Scroll through the pictures below and you'll see - I had him in the nursery, then on his parents bed, then dad was holding him, then back to his room, then the living room. And then we discovered a cute sign, so we moved him back to his parents room again. Poor kid - all he probably wanted was a good afternoon nap....

Gavin was also the ideal newborn for another reason. He has pretty much perfect newborn skin. We all know what I mean. You see those newborn photos - and the kids look flawless. And then you see the kid in person and they are covered in baby acne, or all splotchy, or with those little baby nail scratches all over their face. Gavin had none of that. Don't ask me how Kayla did it - I have no idea. But, it did make my editing a lot easier. 

I am so pleased with the way these photos turned it. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking (and editing) them.