Garrett Family's Love of Lifestyle | Portland Family Photographer

Ok - the disclaimer to this whole post is that Rachel and Paul are some of our very best friends, and were essentially our models when we were toying with starting a business.  We did lifestyle maternity shoots for both of Rachel's pregnancies, a lifestyle newborn session for their first son Asher, as well as a one-year lifestyle session for Asher.  And throughout all of these sessions, we've been able to capture the same photo, and the same pose with each pregnancy and with each baby.  It's so fun to look back and watch the Garrett family grow!  And, if I'm being honest, it brings a little tear to this mama's eye.  

The Garrett's also live near Tryon Creek State Park - one of Portland's treasures - and we've trekked out there for every photo session as well!  (And strangely enough, both babies were born in December, so we've had TWO fall maternity sessions, and TWO fall One-Year Milestone sessions!)  So after I captured some of the goings on at the house, and we recreated some of those reading scenes, we headed out to the park.  

A clear, crisp fall day in the park is just about the perfect way to spend an hour here in Portland.  And the fall colors just CAN'T be beat this autumn.  I don't know what's going on with Mother Earth lately, but the leaves have changed so slowly, and clung so beautifully to the trees this year.  It's nearing the end of November, and the streets are still lined with the reds and golds of autumn.  The kids were in a great mood and the baby was SO WILD about standing up and doing some assisted walking in the leaves!  I even caught Asher knighting Theo with a leaf! (heehee!) 

Congratulations, Rachel and Paul, on surviving the first year with the second baby!