Cherry Blossom Family Photos | Portland Family Photographer


We try to do mini sessions twice a year - in Spring and Fall.  We have usually done Spring mini sessions in late April or May, but we thought we'd try to catch the Cherry blossoms that bloom so beautifully around Portland, which meant risking the rain in late March and early April.  But we brought our good luck with us, and avoided the heavy rain for these beautiful spring photos!  I think it sprinkled on and off a teensy bit, but the cloud cover created beautifully even light during the mid afternoon, and we just had a great time playing and capturing this adorable family of four!

This family has actually been previous clients of ours - one of their children goes to the daycare where we do preschool portraits!  So it was really wonderful to see those kiddos again and play a little bit.  And it helps when kids already recognize you for mini sessions!  It always takes a little while for kids to warm up to the camera, and when you're operating on a super tight timeline, we just don't have the luxury of doing warm up time!  

These kiddos were super cute together - you could tell they were buddies and loved to play and be silly together - and it's obvious they all love each other SO much and have such fun together!