Baby Claudia's Lifestyle Nursey Session | Portland Newborn Photographer

I don't care if your baby is 4 days old or 4 months old!  It's never too late to do a lifestyle newborn session.  Even if baby isn't technically a newborn anymore.  We NEED pictures of our babies.  We need our lives documented.  Our babies grow up FAR too fast, and even when the days are long and those nighttime hours seem to be just barely slugging by, the weeks, months, and years are fast.  We can't possibly remember every single moment of our precious one's life, but we can document it, and recall those moments back a little easier.  

Lifestyle sessions are hands down, without a doubt, my favorite.  I love weddings, I love families with incredible, spirited toddlers, but I just fall heart over heels in love with those babies every. single. time. 

Claudia was well into her 4th month during this lifestyle session, and I love these pictures just as much as I love the photos from a brand new newborn not yet 2 weeks old!  It helped that Claudia's parents are amazing and probably just a little bit TOO much fun.  They met in school and have been crazy young kids in love ever since.  They are both musical and artistic (Dad painted the Africa scene next to the rocking chair!) and have a KILLER sense of humor.  They pulled out a baby onesie with Hanson's portraits on it with NIRVANA titled underneath... I DIED laughing!

I love all of the moments we caught in their bright nursery!  Changing diaper time, crying time, crib time, story time with mom and dad, and all of the glances in between!  I know newborns in wraps and cute baskets are freaking adorable and make pretty much anyone's ovaries swoon, but I also love the interactions you get with an older baby waking up to the world!