Baby Cayden's Newborn Session | Beaverton Newborn Photographer

I truly do not think there needs to be an age limit on having baby photos done.  Ok, maybe it's too late to call them Newborn photos when your baby is 6 months old and pushing up or even sitting.  But we have done newborn photos for babies anywhere between 1 week and 12 weeks old!  

Kimberly emailed us asking about newborn photos even though her son Cayden was already four weeks old.  By the time we got something scheduled, and I came over to do the session, he was six weeks old.  And honestly, I got pretty much the same variety of photos and poses as I might with a true newborn!  I tend to like do photograph babies a few weeks older anyway because they are more alert to the world, and are making such adorable eye contact with their parents and the camera!  Don't get me wrong, sleeping babies are adorable.  But I personally love taking photos of those bright eyed and bushy tailed babies!  

Cayden obviously ROCKED his newborn session.  He was sleeping peacefully when I arrived, so we got some good sleeping baby pictures on the couch and in the living room.  He had just put his poor parents through a rough night the night before, so he was catching up on his zzz's.  And oh my goodness, the way he crossed his arms on his chest under his swaddle just KILLED me!  So cute!  And when he woke up, he was just in a jolly and curious mood!  We even got some smiles out of that cute little guy!

I love doing lifestyle sessions and capturing all of the looks between family members, the gentle touches, the embraces, the small details you don't notice day to day.  And in-home sessions provide the opportunity for EVERY family member to join in.  Even the dog!!