6 Kids and 2 Parents - The Ultimate Blended Family Session | Tigard Family Photographer

Liz and I met through my husband's Cross Fit gym.  I would stop in every now and then to watch him work out, and to say "hi" to everyone.  And occasionally his gym friends would do get-togethers and we'd go out with them wine tasting, to escape rooms, or dinner out, or to a party.  Liz and Kyle started seeing each other last winter, and hosted a BBQ together this past summer.  At some point I mentioned I owned a photography business and Kyle's ears perked up.  He was going to have his kids all summer and wanted to do a family photo session with them all while they were here!  So we booked a session for the end of July, and since Liz also has two girls, we got the gang together!  

I met them at Cook park and walked all EIGHT of them to my new favorite spot.  Note to self- the mosquito are in FULL PATROL at the end of July in Cook park.  My new favorite spot may not be so much of a favorite in the dead of summer.  Liz and Kyle had obviously had a good chat with them about the expectations for doing photos, because they were ready to roll!  And considering the mosquitoes, we knocked that session out in record time.  I love the summer light in the late evenings, and I love the colors of that area, but I walked away from that session in PAIN I had so many bites all over my body!  I used the Rx strength hydro-cortisone ointment that evening. 

The funniest thing from the session is that the actual blood-related siblings generally wanted nothing to do with each other.  Kyle's kids liked Liz's kids more than they seemed to like each other, and vice versa!  They kept requesting photos with their new favorite play mates!  These two families work well together, and I hope I see them all again next summer!