Welcome, Baby Teddy!

It's so much fun to visit old friends. Especially old friends that you spent many a late night puzzling over impossibly mind bending math problems.  I have to admit, it had been awhile since I had seen Jennifer, but it was awesome to see her, and meet her family. Her little boy, Teddy, is absolutely adorable. This was my first shoot of a wee little one that wasn't my own kid, and I was kind of nervous. And it turned out that having a flash with me was an absolute lifesaver. I was so happy with the way the pictures turned out of their family - I really wanted to capture them adoring their new bundle of joy! The moments with a little one are fleeting - and I wanted to help them memorialize these few months of infant. And my coworker always said (and I think she is right) you want to get at least one of the baby crying. Cause lets be honest, not every day with a baby is sunshine and roses, so why not document all of life?