Berg Family Mini

This shoot was such a pleasure to do. I instantly fell in love with Rilynn and her mom. Rilynn is 15 months old, just slightly younger than our own daughters (if you don't know, Kristi and I each have girls that will be turning 2 this summer - yikes!) At this young toddler age, so much changes so quickly, and it was so much fun to watch a child going through the stage I just watched my own daughter go through. What really cracked me up is that every time she walked and then fell down, she would stand back up and then say "yay!" and start clapping for herself. She is such a spirited, happy, beautiful little girl. I cannot tell you how privileged I felt to be able to capture a moment in time of this little girl's life. Kids walking, smiling, laughing, and ADORING their moms completely melt my heart, and I get so excited when I am able to freeze that moment in time.

Hopefully you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed capturing them!